Top 10 Traveling Tools That Every Traveler Needs

Here are the best traveling tools that every traveler needs for you to start using:

1. Travolic

Travolic is all about finding the most effective flight deals. The app simplifies the booking process by displaying all your options easily and efficiently. Just plug in where you’re traveling to and where you’re traveling from, as well as your departure and return dates, and you’ll be met with a stream of options from different airlines. There’s even a convenient price calendar that shows you the subtle differences in prices between different dates. You can filter your results by the cheapest options or the fastest ones and book your flight based on that. Travolic provides all the information you need in a simplified manner, making it easy to book affordable flights fast.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb is a household name in the traveling industry, raising in rank to become one of the most downloaded travel apps. The app allows users to rent out rooms, apartments, hotel rooms, and shared spaces. With over 2.5 million homes spanning 190 countries, Airbnb offers a diverse set of options to its users. The app includes a feature called Experiences, where users can book popular activities led by local hosts, such as watersports, photoshoots, food and sightseeing tours, and more. Airbnb has also recently expanded to include multi-day trips curated by local experts, where lodging, activities, transportation, and meals are all included.

3. TripIt

Tripit simplifies your travel experience by taking your list of trip confirmations and condensing them into a streamlined itinerary. Just send in your flight, rental car, and hotel reservations to TripIt, and it’ll keep them organized in one place. The app also makes it simple to share your plans with other people. TripIt pro-subscriptions cost $49 a year and include more advanced real-time updating features, such as a seat tracker, fare tracker, check-in reminder, point tracker, real-time flight alerts, and relevant country-specific travel information. The app is also extremely helpful on the day of travel, calculating and reminding you of when you should leave for the airport and sending you baggage claim information the second you land. If your company uses Concur, you’ll be eligible for a free pro-subscription.

4. TimeShifter

If your job requires frequent traveling or you simply struggle with adjusting to new time zones, TimeShifter has you covered. The innovative application aims to create a virtual antidote to a pervasive issue by offering personal recommendations based on your age, gender, and sleep schedule to help you avoid jet lag. TimeShifter uses research on circadian neuroscience and sleep patterns to curate a customized routine that starts before you even take flight. The app fills the gap caused by other generic, oversimplified options by highlighting your personal details: this includes whether you’re willing to supplement with caffeine or melatonin, or whether you’re an early bird or a night owl. Afterward, it will help you avoid lopsided agendas by sending a stream of custom tips, like avoiding daylight and looking at bright light. Naps are carefully scheduled for both in-flight and after you land, and the length of your trip is also taken into account.

5. Piper

Piper answers the question that many international travelers have had to grapple with at some point: How much of a tip do I leave? The protocol for tipping varies from place to place, and Piper accounts for a database of 75 countries. The app tells you when to tip, when not to tip, and how much to tip. It can be used offline, making dining at a restaurant, hailing a cab, staying at a hotel, or going to a bar abroad a simplified, stress-free process.

6. Triposo

Instead of sifting through a mass of guidebooks and Google pages, try Triposo. The app provides a thorough compilation of data on 50,000 destinations. It sorts through Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Streetmaps, and more to include everything from city guides, dining options, weather updates, and safety tips. Triposo offers extremely detailed insight into both popular attractions and local gems, letting tourists discover the best local cuisine and activities. The app also works offline, allowing you to use your phone’s GPS to guide you through a simple map marked by icons and pushpins. Triposo makes it easy to navigate a new city without feeling like a foreigner, even offering a phrasebook of the local language. Plus, it offers the option to book hotels, restaurants, tours, and more in all the locations featured.

7. Grab

If you’re short on time at an airport and unsure of which restaurants are close to your gate, then Grab is for you. The application shows you the available dining options in your airport and lets you search for food items depending on your cravings. It also lets you preorder and picks up menu items, saving you time. If you favor a specific item, like a veggie burger, it will star that item and automatically show you where it’s available next time you’re at an airport. Plus, if you’re traveling on company expenses, it easily lets you forward all your food expenses to Concur. The app is available in over 150 food joints across airports in the U.S.

8. Tricount

Tricount takes the hassle and potential awkwardness out of splitting the bill on group trips. The app lets users log their expenses and splits the cost amongst group members. Tricount lets you document everything from food to fuel and sends notifications whenever someone adds or deletes an expense. You can upload receipts, and make and easily keep track of all expenses. At the end of the trip, expenses you are owed are featured in green, while expenses you owe others are highlighted in red. The app uses multiple currencies, works offline, and even offers the option of splitting costs unevenly across members if necessary.

9. Citymapper

Citymapper works to limit the amount of time spent in transit by highlighting the fastest routes to reach a destination. Equipped with step-by-step instructions to all the nearest stations, Citymapper makes finding your way around a new city easy. The app is focused on curating the best routes using all urban modes of transportation, including trains, buses, subways, taxis, bikes, and walks. It also gives you real-time updates of train and bus schedules, including departures and delays. There are also multiple offline maps, and the app even carries a chat feature that lets you inform your friends of your current whereabouts.

10. TripLingo

TripLingo helps you assimilate into a new country easily by letting you look like a local. It allows you to delve into the culture of the country you’re visiting with simple culture and etiquette guides. It also removes language barriers using a voice translator that translates your voice to the language of the country you’re in and shows you a phrasebook with the local lingo. To use it, just plug in your destination and download the country pack. This will give you image translations, local emergency information, currency converters, tip calculators, and even a built-in WiFi dialer so you can make free international calls. All of the information is accessible offline and goes as far as to include the local etiquette for flirting, banter, and more.

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