The Best Packing Tips for Your Next Winter Vacation

With winter at its peak, it can be tempting to get lost in a sea of snowflakes, icicles, and frozen ponds. But all your winter dreams can be tarnished if you’re too cold to even step outside. That’s why you need to come prepared with the proper thermals, coats, layers, and more. Before you jet off to Alaska or Aspen, make sure you’ve packed these essentials to keep you warm. So, here are some of the best packing tips:

1. Boots over multiple shoes

Forgo the five pairs of shoes and opt instead for a pair of versatile boots to work for both day and night. Not only do they keep you warm, but they’re comfortable, dry off faster than normal shoes, and match almost anything. You can find high-quality weather-proof boots at DICK’S Sporting Goods and Timberland. Opt for darker colored ones to blend in with any ensemble. Pro tip: Wear them in the airport to save luggage space. If you do choose to pack them in your luggage, they’re a great place to store rolled up undergarments and socks.

2. Thermal essentials

Thermals shield you from both the cold and the effort of having to pile on bulky layers. Thermals’ two-ply fabric traps body heat, making them a crucial addition for your next snowy escape. Try donning a pair of thermal leggings beneath your jeans, or a thermal long-sleeved shirt below a sweater to stay both stylish and warm. Patagonia, Under Armour Cold Gear, and Icebreaker all offer amazing quality options.

3. A sturdy coat

An obvious choice, but an important one. The right coat will tie together all your outfits and help keep you warm regardless of the temperature. Opt for a neutral, dark coat that you can wear daily either with a T-shirt during the day, or over multiple layers at night. Try this North Face jacket for women and this Patagonia one for men. A good tip would be to get a waterproof coat as opposed to a separate rain jacket and to pick your coat based on the coldest potential temperature you’d be facing. An oversized coat is always the better option, and we highly recommend wearing it on the plane to avoid packing dilemmas (and to ward off that icy airplane AC).

4. Stick to neutrals

Staying stylish and chic in the winter means limiting your color palette to dark hues and neutral palettes. Sticking to dark colors will make it easier to style versatile outfits with as many layers as needed. Plus, you won’t have to pack as many options, since dark neutrals tend to go with pretty much anything.

5. Moisturizing skincare

Cold air does not bode well for most skin types, so make sure to come prepared with hydrating skincare products. A rich moisturizer will serve you well in the splintering snow, and a good hyaluronic acid serum will ward off any flaking. Try layering this moisturizer from Bioderma over this affordable serum from The Ordinary.  Plus, don’t forget to pile on the sunscreen, which is something that many people forget when visiting ice-glazed cities. However, if you’re spending the day outside skiing, this step is essential. No one wants to look sunburnt on the slopes.

6. Pile on the layers

The best part about layers is that they’re adaptable to any climate. Sunny days may call for a simple sweater over a T-shirt, while snow-covered nights ask for multiple sweaters and a coat. A good combination to bring is a T-shirt, a few long-sleeved tops, some sweaters, and a sturdy coat. You can also pack leggings and layerable socks to help keep you warm and cozy.

7. Accessories

Accessories form the backbone of any winter ensemble. Here, it’s all about packing warm essentials to fill any gaps in your attire. That means wool socks, soft beanies, fleece gloves, and cozy socks. Accessories can also provide the perfect pop of color to contrast a neutral, dark-toned ensemble. Some options include North Face gloves, Minus 33 beanies, and J.B. Icelandic winter socks.

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