THE 20 BEST Things to DO in Qatar During the World Cup [2022 Guide]

Located on the Arabian Peninsula, Qatar is a small country that is hosting the 2022 World Cup. If you’re considering traveling there to watch some soccer, here are THE 20 BEST Things to DO and SEE in Qatar During the World Cup [2022 Guide].

Qatar is an Islamic country, so be aware of local customs and dress codes. According to post travelers, alcohol is available but expensive, so if you want to drink, bring your own. There are also a lot of restrictions on what you can get into the country, so check with the Qatar embassy website before packing. And finally, make sure to plan your trip well in advance – hotels and flights are already booking up fast! For more information, visit our site to pick the best deals ever.

 Is that all?

Of course, not! We have compiled some do’s and don’ts in Qatar Before you go.


• Do’s in Qatar

Excitement is higher than ever when traveling is mentioned. But, what about the World Cup matches? It might be double for those who are ready to catch this mega tournament, which happens every 4 years.


So, what should you do during your visit?

Qatar is a fascinating country that will be hosting the World Cup in 2022. In the meantime, there are still several things to do and to know before booking your flight to Qatar. Here are some ideas:

1. Dress modestly,

2. Visit the Museum of Islamic Art,

3. Respect Islamic rituals,

4. Stroll around Souq Waqif,

5. The Qatari riyal (QAR) is the only currency— change your cash from ATMs,

6. Explore the desert by dune buggy or camel,

7. Arabic is the official language, but don’t worry, English is widely spoken,

8. Visit The Pearl Qatar,

9. All businesses are closed on Fridays in the morning,

10. Watch the sunset over the Arabian Gulf from the Corniche,

11. Rely on public transportation,

12. Enjoy a traditional meal,

13. Free Wifi is available in the Hamad International Airport and almost all public facilities,

14. Try your hand at falconry,

15. Hold your passport wherever you go,

16. Take a dip in the pool at Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel,

17. Sunscreen is a must,

18. See the giant Christmas tree at Villaggio Mall if you stay a while,

19. Most restaurants are expensive; check the prices to pick what suits your budget

20. Go skiing at Aspire Park.


Finally, These are just a few of Qatar’s many activities available to visitors. So go there and check it out!


•Don’ts in Qatar

It will surely be in the spotlight in the coming years. However, there are some things that visitors should be aware of before they travel. Here are a few don’ts to help guarantee a hassle-free trip to Qatar.


1. First and foremost, visitors should respect local customs and traditions. This means avoiding public displays of affection (avoiding shorts, skirts, and sleeveless tops) and being mindful of religious holidays.

2. Secondly, visitors should avoid taking photos of government buildings or military personnel. And while it’s OK to take pictures of locals, always ask for permission first.

3. Finally, Qatar is a dry country, and alcohol is only available in licensed hotels and restaurants. Public intoxication is not tolerated, so visitors should drink in moderation.


Following these guidelines allows visitors to enjoy their time in Qatar without problems.



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