Most 6 Unusual Traditions Around the World


People from all around the globe participate in a variety of strange and fascinating traditions, from throwing tomatoes at festivals to walking with the dead. We have compiled some of the 6 Most Unusual Traditions Around the World that Will blow your mind!


 1. Anything is fine for the sake of love

At night, young men yearning for love and marriage went out on a new type of hunt in the eastern Himalayan kingdom known as Bomena. First, they break into the rooms of suitable women and spend the night there. Then, they must either marry the girl or work in her father’s fields as a penalty if they are detected.


 2. May I have a dance with you, corpse!

Dances with corpses are part of the Famadihana culture in Madagascar, where the Malagasy tribe lives. They re-wrap the remains of their ancestors in new white cloth once they have been brought from their burial location, and then they dance around the tomb to live music. Once every seven years, the ceremony is practiced; however, it has declined in recent years.


3. Let’s have a walk, corpse!

This time they just have a walk with a deceased person. The Toraja tribe of Indonesia has a bizarre tradition of preserving the corpse of a dead person in a new coffin and then raising ‘it.’ from the dead.

Shamans in Indonesia’s South Sulawesi highlands have been reviving the dead for millennia.

The Toraja believe that a dead person’s body must be returned to the place of their birth to be buried to access the afterlife. This ritual is known as “Puya” or “The Land of Souls.” Walking to its new resting place helps the corpse to be resurrected.


4. Crazy tomato fight


The world’s biggest tomato battle, La Tomatina, is the funniest fight ever. There are plenty of theories about how it came about, but no one knows for sure. The original story came from a carnival in 1945 where there was a brawl in the city’s central plaza, where tomatoes from a local vegetable stand were used as weapons.

Usually, this event takes place on the final Wednesday of August in Buol, Spain. And it involves individuals tossing tomatoes at each other to enjoy fun vibes.


5. The worst appraisal of a man’s masculinity

Satere-Mawe males- travolic

The youths of this Amazonian tribe must demonstrate their masculinity in a cruel and horrific ceremony when they are old enough. First, a medicine man injects drugs into the bullet ants, which the young men capture and arrange in woven gloves.

The sting of a bullet ant is similar to a striking bullet flesh. Wearing gloves on their hands, the young guys must dance for 10 minutes to distract themselves from the discomfort. In their lives, Satere-Mawe males are required to do this ceremony at least 20 times.


6. Never come on time in Venezuela

It seems that Venezuelans are no different from Indians! Arriving on time is considered impolite in Venezuela. Therefore it is suggested that you arrive at least 15 minutes later than the planned time to avoid being thought disrespectful. Guests who arrive on time are derided as being too eager and greedy.


Know something else? Okay, share with us some weird traditions from your hometown.



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