6 Budget-Friendly Cities in Europe

Most of us have dreams of backpacking through Europe, but not all of us have bank accounts that can support them. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are dozens of hidden gems and affordable cities in Europe, making it possible to explore the continent while maintaining a budget. Here are six budget-friendly destinations in Europe.

1. Warsaw, Poland

Poland’s capital city is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe. Warsaw is made up of picturesque streets filled with colorful buildings. It stands as the largest city in Poland, and one of the cheapest in Europe. You can visit Warsaw’s Old Town, which was completely rebuilt after World War II, and dine on delicious and affordable Polish staples at the Old Town Market Place.
You can also visit Tour the magnificent Royal Castle, which includes a museum that’s open to the public. Hotels and apartments can cost as little as $30 a night, and drinks are extraordinarily cheap as well.

2. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is divided into Buda, which stands tall on the hills in the west, and Pest, which is spread on a sand plain overlooking the river. While it may be known for its bursting nightlife scene, Budapest offers plenty of affordable sights, activities, and lodging.
The average beer costs around $1 and the average meal $5. Filled with multiple architectural wonders and museums, Budapest is the perfect place to explore without breaking the bank.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most popular European destinations, and for good reasons. It has great attractions, great scenery, and great prices. Old town Square, one of the most famous areas in the city, holds beautiful baroque buildings and ancient architecture.
Visit Prague’s Castle, the largest castle complex in the world, or Charles Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in Europe, with 32 points of interest to explore.

4. Porto, Portugal

Away from the bustling city of Lisbon, Porto offers a more toned-down, refined Portuguese experience. The city is marked by Medieval architecture and offers much to do and see. You can dine on all of Portugal’s authentic hearty staples for budget prices.
Visit the Clérigos Tower, the city’s main landmark, a 75-foot tall ancient granite tower. Stop by the riverside quarter to view the bright red, mustard, and tangerine townhouses that make up its backdrop. There are multiple cathedrals and churches to explore, making it easy to travel through this city on a budget.

5. Split, Croatia

Split is one of the cheapest destinations in Croatia, and it’s a great place to explore before taking a ferry to Croatia’s islands. Split rests on the Eastern side of the Adriatic Sea and offers a balance between compelling history, modern attractions, and beautiful backdrops.
With multiple places like Diocletian’s Palace, which was built in 305 AD, and the Cathedral of St. Domnius, one of the world’s oldest cathedrals, you’ll never have a stale moment here.

6. Krakow, Poland

Krakow, one of the oldest Polish cities, is perched on the Vistula River and is known for being a leader in Polish academia, culture, and art. Gothic towers top ancient castles and Renaissance buildings line charming streets.
Visit Market Square, which dates back to the Middle Ages, for sightseeing and people watching. Take in the many gorgeous parks that turn into ice-capped wonderlands in the winter, like the Pole Mokotowski, Royal Lazienki Park, and the Park Skaryszewski.

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